Absortech exclusively focuses on products and services that help our customers avoid moisture damage. Since 1996, we have developed a range of desiccants called AbsorRange™ and offer innovative technology for moisture protection in containers, in-boxes and the home. We maintain control end-to-end in the chain from product development, manufacturing and delivery of the right product at the right place. We have a variety of solutions and high-performance desiccants for preventing moisture damage during transport. We call it Peace of Moisture Mind™ which helps customers increase their container shipping productivity and protect their brand

Official Website: https://absortech.com/en/

Loftware is the global market leader in Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management solutions with more than 5,000 customers in over 100 countries. Offering the industry’s most comprehensive digital platform, which includes on premise and cloud-based solutions for large enterprises challenged with managing and printing complex labeling, artwork and packaging. Loftware’s solutions integrate with SAP®, Oracle® and other enterprise applications while leveraging advanced workflow processes for optimal efficiency and visibility, as well as business rules to dynamically address complex requirements. With Loftware, global companies are uniquely able to meet regulatory mandates, improve time to market, support new product development, mitigate risk, reduce complexity, ensure traceability, and optimize costs as they meet customer-specific, brand, regional and regulatory requirements with unprecedented speed and agility. 

Official Website: http://www.Loftware.com