Agenda at a Glance:

Day-one Morning, May 30th 2019

Session1: New Manufacturing, New Supply Chain

Session2:Supply Chain Strategy & Innovation

Industry 4.0A challenge and chance
Prepare Tomorrow Today: Digital Manufacturing, Digital Supply Chain
Trends and Transformation: Examining future of new supply chain in manufacturing
Navigating: Supply chains as the X Factors for Manufacturing

Geopolitical and Trade Policy Changes and  Impacts on Global Supply Chains and Design
Risk Management: Strategies to Safeguard Your Global Supply Chain, Cyber-attack risk and Information security
Digital Innovation and Block chain

Day-one Afternoon, May 30th 2019

Session3:Iconic Brands Case Study

Session4: End-to-End Supply Chain :VISIBILITY, AGILITY &  EFFICIENCY

Showcase: The BEST practical cases from iconic brands across: Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial, Hi-tech etc.

Though CloudIOT and Advance analytics make supply chain more visibility
Optimization: From S&OP to IBP, the Implementation maximum utility
Supply Chain planning for the next level of Efficiency and Agility
Role of Supply Chain Visibility in Track and Trace Management

Day-two Morning, May 31st  2019

Session5: "Thinking" Supply Chain

Session6New Digital Logistics Models and Technologies

Process automation and robotics for Future Factory and Supply Chain
AI,  Algorithm
How IOT-Connected sensors and controls
5G Perspectives and The Supply Chain Applications

Navigating the Disruptive Decade - Logistics 2030
 Effective Strategies in Managing 3PL Logistics Partners
Developing effective warehousing strategies to reduce cost and improve the responsiveness of your supply chain network

Day-two Afternoon, May 31st  2019

Session7Collaboration and Customer

Session8Round Table

Changing Supply Chain Process: From Mass Production to Mass Customization
From Beginning to End: Collaborative Value Chain Strategies to Reduce Unsalable
Increasing Cross-Industry Collaboration for True Win-Win-Win Partnerships

Interactive Roundtable Discussion: Attend your choice of TOP 10 HOTTEST discussion topics, connect, learn and benchmark with your peers to tackle the industry pain points

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