With the theme of "New Manufacturing, New Supply Chain", 9th Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2019  (SC-MFG 2019) will talk all new things about supply chain in manufacturing. Topics will cover the latest Supply Chain Insights and trends, digitalization, Innovation, Technologies (IoT, blockchain, AI, cloud, robot and automation, big data, 3D printing), industry 4.0, customer centric, logistic management, Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration. 

The two-day Summit aims at bringing together industry practitioners and representatives from Top Manufactures, Automotive , Pharm, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Engineering, Logistics, Supply Chain Supplier, form collaboration opportunity and build business network. Throughout the two days, more than 35 prominent speakers, 250 Highest-level CSCO/SVP/VP SC from the top Manufacturers and 80 Supply Chain& Logistics medias will be showcased at the venue.