Global SC-MFG 2019 Highlights

Rethinking the supply chain in manufacturing is a must at the digital era along with the industry transforming and innovating; new manufacturing is intelligent manufacturing that collects data through artificial intelligence algorithm in the whole Internet of things, finally formed a highly flexible, personalized and networked production chain. The new manufacturing requires new supply chain.

With the theme "New Manufacturing, New Supply Chain", Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2019 (SC-MFG2019) will talk all hot topics about supply chain in manufacturing. We have 8 sessions that include New manufacturing, new supply chain, Supply chain strategy & innovation, 4 industry ionic brands case study, End-to-End Supply Chain: VISIBILITY, AGILITY & EFFICIENCY, "Thinking" Supply Chain, New Digital Logistics Models and Technologies, Collaboration and Customer, Round Table. 

The two-day Summit aims at bringing together industry practitioners and representatives from Top Manufactures, Automotive , Pharm, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Engineering, Logistics, Supply Chain Supplier, form collaboration opportunity and build business network. Throughout the two days, more than 50 prominent speakers, 350 Highest-level CSCO/SVP/VP SC from the top Manufacturers and 80 Supply Chain& Logistics medias will be showcased at the venue.

  • Transformation at the New Era
    Transformation at the New Era

    Supply chain executives face more practical, down-to-earth issues like a slow-growth economy, intense competition and relentless pressure to control costs. To stay competitive, we must stay up to spee...

  • Supply Chain Strategy and Leadership for Transformation
    Supply Chain Strategy and Leadership for Transformation

    Supply Chain Visibility, Supply Chain Optimization, Logistics, Supply Chain and Manufacturing/Talent Development

  • Technology Innovation Drives Transformation
    Technology Innovation Drives Transformation

    Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud Computing, Other Applied Innovative Technology: AI,VR, E-commerce Supply Chain & eLogistics


  • Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2017 Asia Pacific

    Morn than 280 Participants from FMCG, Hi-Tech, Retail, 3PL, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Chemical and Pharmacy industries, gathered on Nov 16th-17th,2017 at the Swissotel Merchant Court In Singapore to discuss,learn and share...

  • 6th Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2018 China Focus

    Designed from and for the supply chain officers and their leadership teams, 6th Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2018 China Focus, it kept up on exploring the Future Supply Chain at the aspects of Customer- Driven and Technology- Driven.

  • Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2018 Asia Pacific

    SCAP 2018 combined the Supply Chain Digitization Forum and Customer Experience Forum Together to Discover the Shape of Future Supply Chain Landscape at the Global Prospective Background from the...

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